stanakatic.jpgIs it just us, or has “Castle” gotten really good?

Not saying we weren’t into season one… but season two has upped the fun flirting,
the insane cases and, of course, the shout outs to Nathan Fillion‘s projects of the past, making it a pretty enjoyable hour of TV every week.

So, yeah, we decided we’d send KTV correspondent Marisa Roffman to stalk executive producer Rob Bowman at
an IBG, Inc.-run charity event celebrating “X-Files” (on which he was a producer/frequent director).

She grilled him on this Monday’s “Castle” episode, upcoming guest star Alyssa
, whether he’s going to direct the possible third “X-F”
feature film and more…

Any thoughts?

Looking forward to seeing Beckett’s relationship with Castle’s kid blossom? Or is Alyssa Milano’s upcoming arrival of more interest to you?

-Reporting by Marisa Roffman

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