castle noir blue butterfly 'Castle': Funniest moments from the Paley Fest panelThe “Castle” panel at Paley Fest 2012 was light on scoop — there are only so many times the cast and creator Andrew Marlowe can vaguely hint at Castle and Beckett hooking up without actually confirming one way or another — but it definitely packed in its fair share of hilarious, quotable moments.

Tamala Jones, who plays medical examiner Lanie Parish, told the crowd that kissing Nathan Fillion in the film noir-inspired episode “The Blue Butterfly” was a highlight of her time on the show. No offense to onscreen ex Jon Huertas, though. “Your breath is fresh,” she told him, but kissing Fillion was “like satin or something.”

Speaking of Fillion, the actor said that he worried when sharing a scene with a tiger during “Cuffed.” “I don’t want my last words to be ‘Oh God, oh God, I shouldn’t have gotten this close to a tiger! It’s eating my face! My beautiful, beautiful face,” he joked.

Fillion’s “Firefly” costar Adam Baldwin is guesting on “Castle” soon as a character named Det. Slaughter. Judging by the crowd’s insanely loud reaction to a question about his guest spot, the audience will definitely tune in. “I’ve got a good feeling that was a smart move,” Fillion said.

Marlowe wouldn’t dish one way or another on the gotta-happen-soon Caskett hookup, but he did say that secrets will play a large part in the latter half of Season 4. “Both characters [Castle and Beckett] and all the characters around them will have to deal with the emotional consequences of [the secrets coming out].”

The panel also included a cute, condensed reading of some “Blue Butterfly” scenes, a re-enactment of Huertas and Seamus Dever beating up Fillion and a live performance of the song Jones sang in the episode. Stay tuned to Zap2it for more scoop from our pre-panel interviews with the cast!

Posted by:Jean Bentley