castle molly quinn interview season 5 finale abc 'Castle' interview: Molly Quinn teases an 'uncomfortable' Season 5 finale and Alexis' part in it

Sorry, “Castle” fans. It’s not sounding good for Castle and Beckett’s relationship in the Season 5 finale, “Watershed.” We talked to Molly Quinn, the actress who plays Alexis on the show, and she confirmed that things were indeed very tense and worrisome on the relationship front.

What else did Quinn have to say? Check out the full interview here.

What can you tease about the relationship drama in the “Castle” finale?

Molly Quinn:
Oh goodness! I have to say, from the first time I read the script — and actually getting to watch Nathan and Stana do a couple of the scenes — it’s so uncomfortable. It’s very uncomfortable and tension-filled, just … Ooh, you kind of want to hide your eyes behind your hand.

It doesn’t look good for the continuation of Caskett.

What is Alexis’ part in the finale drama?

Molly Quinn: Alexis is really trying to remove herself from the situation.

She’s really trying to get over her fear of the traumatic experience of being in Paris by getting away and doing some more traveling. I almost feel as if she’s running away from her problems. She thinks, “Maybe if I get away from my dad and get away from Gram and don’t have to talk about the experience anymore, maybe I can in that way heal it.” So she’s really trying to separate from the grisly experience that she had in Paris.

She’s going away for a little while, but — come Season 6 — she’ll be back and hopefully she’ll be over it. But, in all truth, I don’t know how you could get over something as traumatic as being kidnapped. So we’ll see. I really hope that she does gets to talk with Lanie and really get some healing that way and confide in her. That’s what I’d really like. I’d like to be back in the precinct.

Since Alexis has always been a very “grown-up” sort of kid, how has it been this season, playing Alexis as an actual adult?

Molly Quinn:
You know that’s funny, I think that she should be moving that way. But after everything that’s happened this last season, I almost see that she might be wanting to be sheltered. I think that she’s very unsure of herself and not really comfortable with being an adult yet. I think for awhile, she was sort of rushing to grow up, and now she’s more like, “Wow. Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to depend more on my father and be around Gram a little longer.”

What was it like to play the central character during the kidnapping storyline?

Molly Quinn:
It was exciting and terrifying. It was a huge honor. I remember being given the script, reading it and then immediately calling Andrew [Marlowe] and gasping, “Are you sure? You know, you’re really trusting me to do this!” And he just said, “Molly, I know you can do it.” And that was the boost I needed.

It was a huge thrill. Those episodes — that was the stuff that I always want to do. I love how Alexis, she didn’t stumble. She did what her dad would do. She found a solution. And that’s my favorite core part of Alexis, that she always finds a solution.

What do you hope to see for Alexis in the future?

Molly Quinn:
Well, like I said, I’d love to see her back in the precinct, working with Lanie.

And, you know, I’d actually like to see a boyfriend! To actually go there and explore that storyline, rather than just a one episode thing. Because that’s really all we’ve ever done. And I think that’s perfectly fine, because Alexis was really young. But I’d like to see her first real relationship come up and even have Castle learn from their relationship. Because, you know, Castle and Alexis are always working off each other and learning from each other’s mistakes and their growth. So I think it would be fun to have her starting a relationship, so she can talk to her dad about his growing relationship with Beckett.

What have you been up to since “Castle” finished filming for the season?

Molly Quinn:
I’m really excited. I’m actually starting production on a film that I’ll be producing. It’ll start filming in October, and that’s why I’m actually in Montgomery, Massachusetts right now. It’s new to be behind the camera, but I’m really enjoying it.

The “Castle” Season 5 finale airs Monday, May 13 at 10pm on ABC.

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