castle lanie tamala jones interview tca valentines day abc 'Castle' interview: Tamala Jones talks about what's coming for Lanie and Valentine's Day

Before watching another episode of “Castle,” why not catch up with the show’s favorite medical examiner, Dr. Lanie Parish (sorry, Dr. Perlmutter), played by Tamala Jones?

At the TCA winter press tour, Jones talked briefly to Zap2It about what’s coming on “Castle,” the Valentine’s Day episode and whether we’ll be seeing more of Lanie this spring.

Zap2It: What can you spill about what’s coming up on “Castle” Season 5?

Tamala Jones: Currently, we’re shooting the Valentine’s Day episode. There’s some possible action between Esposito and Lanie, I’ll say that.

Zap2It: Always a good thing…

Tamala Jones: Always a good thing!

There’s a big storyline coming up for Martha and Alexis. And I can’t really reveal too much. But that’s its name, “Focal Point.” And as far as I know, that’s all I know at this point. I don’t know anything else! But it’s good stuff. I hear little bits and pieces coming from the other writers. And I’m like walking by… I’ll ear-hustle a little bit, slow down. And they’re like, “Tamala!”

But really great storylines, fantastic mystery, lot of dips and turns and “Oh, I saw this” “No you didn’t,” that kind of a thing.

Zap2It: How do you see Lanie’s role evolving on the current season of “Castle”?

Tamala Jones: Andrew [Marlowe] is very secretive about the way he writes all of us. He’ll, like, hint stuff like “Make sure you can fit into a tight red dress by this time.” And you go, “Sure, yes…”

Zap2It: Do you have any situations coming up, like “The Blue Butterfly” last year, where you’re going to get more of a front-and-center role?

Tamala Jones: I hope so. That was amazing! That was another one of those Andrew’s “If you need some vocal lessons, you might want to go ahead and do that” and then you figure out why later. But I hope so.

He did mention to me that he needs to write more for me. He said that! Recently! When he says stuff like that, it’s kind of like, “Something’s happening…” So I just have to wait and see with the rest of you guys.

Zap2It: Well, I hope so. I especially like the Lanie and Beckett scenes. It’s something that’s often missing from procedural dramas — the female friendships.

Tamala Jones: I love that! And I love working with Stana [Katic]. Those scenes that Lanie and Beckett have, she really drives them and makes it easier for me to do what I do. She’s an amazing woman.

Zap2It: You’re pretty good too…

Tamala Jones: Thank you!

“Castle” airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown