jennifer beals castle 'Castle': Jennifer Beals previews 'Pandora' and Castle and Beckett's 'compelling chemistry'

“Castle” is bringing in reinforcements for its latest ultra-tense two-parter, “Pandora.” Jennifer Beals joins the team when her CIA agent character Sophia Turner needs help with a case. Yes, she’s the latest obstacle in the way of Beckett and Castle hooking up like we all know they should — but although he and Turner had a similarly complicated work/love relationship (yes, Beals says Sophia was Castle’s muse for the character of Clara Strike and “there was an intimate aspect to their relationship”), it sounds like her presence could help bring our favorite should-be couple together. 
Beals tells Zap2it that her character joins the team when she needs help with a case. “She’s involved right now with an international conspiracy case that’s moved to U.S. soil so there’s not a lot of stuff she’s able to do,” Beals says. “But she finds that Beckett is on this case and enlists her and Castle’s help. So she’s reunited with Castle after 12 years.”
Castle is definitely surprised when Sophia arrives. “It’s pretty funny,” Beals says. “It just throws a wrench into the whole thing. I think it takes everybody by surprise except Sophia, so it’s trying to sort that out between the two of them. It certainly complicates the Beckett/Castle relationship, because Sophia is not afraid of her sexuality. As much as she’s an administrator, she also doesn’t cut off her womanhood.”
It’s easy to see why Castle fell for Sophia (and is currently in love with Beckett), considering they share many characteristics. “I think Sophia is very abnormally smart and a very good strategist,” Beals says, “and really protective of her unit.”

castle jennifer beals 'Castle': Jennifer Beals previews 'Pandora' and Castle and Beckett's 'compelling chemistry'

Sound like someone we know, right? Beals says that Sophia and Rick’s relationship is reminiscent of his current one. “I’m sure that in some aspects [their relationship] was like his and Beckett’s, in that he’s maddening and it’s hard to have him underfoot sometimes, but it’s compelling enough that he’s still around — she doesn’t get rid of him.”
Before you get too angry, perhaps Sophia’s arrival will be one more thing that helps bring our favorite non-couple together. “From my point of view it certainly complicates things,” Beals says, but Sophia and Beckett don’t have an antagonistic relationship. “One of my favorite scenes was where Sophia and Beckett talk about Castle, which was fun.”
In the end, Beals says that although she hasn’t seen every episode of the show, she thinks the Beckett/Castle relationship is one of the show’s strong points. “One of the things that led me to do the show was the charm, and so much of that charm is based on the chemistry between Stana [Katic] and Nathan [Fillion]. It’s fun to watch those characters together, because they’re such different people and yet together they have a really interesting chemistry. A compelling chemistry — it’s not just interesting, it’s compelling.”
“Pandora” airs over two weeks starting Monday, Feb. 13.

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