jon huertas castle abc 'Castle': Jon Huertas on working (and playing) with puppiesThe newest episode of “Castle” continues in the ABC show’s grand tradition of lovingly skewering a prevalent aspect of pop culture.

Up next? Reality stars famous for being famous, a la Kim Kardashian. Jon Huertas, who plays Det. Esposito, recently stopped by the Zap2it offices to talk all things “Castle.” He says the episode is about a bit more than reality TV. 
“We do have a character that is very similar to the Kim Kardashian model,” he tells us. The character, played by Hilarie Burton, is “a bit outlandish, she loves herself, she has an entourage. … But it’s actually a dog show episode as well. Me being a dog lover, it was an amazing time.”
That’s right: there’s puppies. “I think at one point we had 15 golden retrievers or yellow labs in one room,” he says. “Amazing. Stana [Katic] and I had a lot of fun in one scene.”
Huertas says that between shots, the cast would go hang out with the dogs. “Whenever we weren’t filming, there were probably at least four or five times where I could hear the radios of all the PAs and ADs going off like, ‘Where’s Jon, Where’s Jon?'” That’s right — he was always playing with the dogs. Awww!
Now, get ready for the biggest “awww” of all: The cattle dogs on set impressed him so much that he rescued a cattle dog puppy on New Year’s Eve. All together now: Awwwww! 
Check out our video interview with Huertas below, and stay tuned for more from our chat with the actor, including details on the upcoming film noir episode (scheduled to air Feb. 6).
Posted by:Jean Bentley