castle noir blue butterfly 'Castle': Jon Huertas previews 'The Blue Butterfly' film noir episode

The cast of “Castle” gets their 1940s on in tonight’s (Feb. 6) film noir-inspired episode, “The Blue Butterfly.” 
If you can’t wait to see Nathan Fillion and co. decked out in their finest suits and slicked-back hair, ABC has already released the first 11 minutes of the episode. Spoiler alert: It’s awesome. If you still can’t wait, Jon Huertas stopped by the Zap2it offices a few weeks ago and gave us some scoop on the outing, which sees the gang take on new personas during flashback scenes.
“Castle finds the journal of a private investigator, and he starts reading it and reimagines himself in the role of the private investigator in the ’40s,” Huertas tells Zap2it. “The faces that are in Castle’s life now that already inspire him when he writes become the characters that he’s reading about in the diaries. It’s a fun episode.”
One of Huertas’ favorite parts of the episode was dressing up in his 1940s wardrobe — he even has a newfound love for vintage watches. “Everything was legit authentic. All my clothes were from the ’40s. My watch was from the ’40s. I love vintage watches now, even though they’re the size of a small child’s watch. I don’t know why they had watches that were so small — they must’ve had eagle eyes to tell what time it was!”
Huertas was hesitant to spill too many details, assuming his alter-ego of No Spoiler Man. “I don’t really give up spoilers too often because I have a duty to uphold. There’s a really cool reveal. If I give up the tiniest bit about what me and Seamus [Dever] do as Esposito and Ryan, it’ll ruin the surprise and the fun!”
ABC might’ve ruined the surprise with their leak of the first act, but that’s okay. Check out our interview for more “Castle” scoop, including details on the “steamy” bromance between Esposito and Ryan, being able to beat Dever in a fight and being jealous when Dever’s wife, Juliana, was on set.

Posted by:Jean Bentley