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Things aren’t so great between Alexis and Rick Castle these days. The “Castle” father-daughter duo had its first really big fight in the most recent episode, and all will not be forgotten in the upcoming “Like Father, Like Daughter.”

Molly Quinn sheds some light on what this means for the relationship and how it all relates to Alexis’ journey to grow up.

Despite what fans of Richard Castle might think, Quinn doesn’t think that Alexis is necessarily in the wrong when it comes to her attitude about the situation. “She’s doing the best she can!” the actress insists. “Don’t you think he was being kind of mean, saying those jabbing comment about her boyfriend?”

This does not, however, mean that there is no hope for the rather wonderful Castle family dynamic. “I think Alexis and Castle are going to figure it out,” Quinn explains. “He should have told me about proposing to Beckett, just like I should have talked to him more about my relationship with Pi. We’re both kind of in the wrong.”

That said, it doesn’t sound like a full reconciliation is coming right away. “They’re both going to have to meet in the middle,” Molly Quinn says of the future. “I’d like to see them both to get their issues out in the open and talked about so they can really move beyond that and go back to being the awesome duo. But I haven’t seen an episode where that happens.”

But don’t worry — the journey back to each other starts in “Like Father, Like Daughter.” In this episode, Alexis has to turn to her dad in order to help save a man she believes is innocent of murder. “When she starts getting involved with this particular case, of course her heart goes out to the man who’s been accused. And she believes that he’s been accused wrongly,” Quinn explains of the plot. “What else can she do after using all her resources, but to kind of swallow her pride and go to her dad?”

Does this coming episode mean that Alexis is going straight into detective work like her father? Not exactly — but it does point in a telling direction for the young woman. “She’s still bouncing around a little bit,” Quinn says of her character. “We’re going to see her move around a little bit, but I think everything — in a funny way — revolves around being in criminal justice. Forensics or the legal side or detective work — I think it’s going to end up revolving around that.”

How is Alexis at being a detective? Audiences will find out when “Like Father, Like Daughter” airs Monday (Nov. 4) at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown