castle limelight recap alexandra chando abc 'Castle': Murder worthy of Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan in 'Limelight'

Fame is killer in the “Castle” episode, “Limelight.” A young celebrity finds this out the hard way when her double is murdered — all in the sake of keeping the attention of the press.

It’s disturbing, awful and seems all too real.

Most child stars don’t go so far as murder

The murder of the week in “Limelight” is of Claire Samuels, a young woman who works as a double for the super-famous Mandy Sutton (played beautifully by Alexandra Chando). When Claire is found dead in Mandy’s apartment, everyone assumes it’s the starlet. That all changes when her mother comes to identify the body.

Mandy is alive, but she’s far from well. Recently sober, the former child star had just fallen off the wagon following a hook-up with a no-good ex. This brought on lots of drinking and a break-up with her super nice, idealistic new boyfriend. Still, murder seems extreme.

Suspects include a creepy stalker (who even made it into Mandy’s apartment) and the bad-news ex, Jesse Jones. The police think Jesse really did do it — since his motorcycle is seen at the crime scene — but the situation is far more complicated than that.

It seems that the photo of Jesse and Mandy was really Jesse and Claire. The two had been paid to pose while Mandy was drugged to not remember anything. Sifting through layer-upon-layer of paparazzi scum, the police finally zero in on the real killer: Mandy’s mother and manager.

Mother dearest had been concerned that Mandy was throwing her career away by staying with the do-gooder boyfriend. In order to keep that career on track, a scandal was manufactured. When Claire felt bad and wanted to tell the truth, she had to die.

Not even Lindsay Lohan has a life as screwed up as this!

Alexis doesn’t want anymore Pi

While her father is almost ready to accept Pi’s continued presence in Alexis’ life, the girl herself is getting tired of her silly, idealistic boyfriend. Poor Mandy gets to hear about all of this in an extended girl-talk rant, but the important point is that Alexis is already growing out of her Pi phase.

This is going to make Castle very happy.

Fame of a lesser sort

Castle and Beckett have to deal with fame too, although theirs is of a tamer variety. Tabloid and society columns are cheerfully theorizing that Castle might be getting back with his ex-wife, mostly because Beckett wants to keep the real engagement quiet.

She’s cool with this until it turns out that some of her own relatives have begun to believe everything they read.

In the end, Beckett realizes the power of the press release and puts an engagement notice in the paper for the world to see. They’re official now, even if Beckett won’t agree to a space wedding.

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