nathan fillion stana katic castle 320 'Castle': Producer Rob Bowman on Dana Delany, Jerry Bruckheimer and 'CSI: Miami'“Castle” has been hitting all the right notes lately, no?

Korbi TV recently chatted with executive producer Rob Bowman to get his take on what’s to come, Dana Delany and if he’ll be back in the director’s chair anytime soon…

It seems like everything is going right for “Castle”: The ratings are reaching new highs, you’ve been renewed, the chemistry between the entire cast is fantastic. As you’re making each episode, are you feeling that?
Rob Bowman: There’s no doubt the practice of making the episodes is going to get better [as time passes]. We were trying from the very first day, filming the pilot, to make the very best quality show we possibly could. Whether [the difference now] is loosening the restraints of money a little bit or it’s the cast finding rhythms that get more and more refined, sort of anticipating the moves from the other characters, [I’m not sure]. But it is probably just the practice of doing [the show]. I’m glad people are responding to it.
People are definitely responding. “Castle” is actually giving “CSI: Miami” a run for its money in the ratings, which is amazing.
I told [series creator] Andrew [Marlowe],
we’re up against Jerry Bruckheimer, this is no kidding around. We’re up
against one of the all-time greats. Not that we need to do their show,
because they do it so well, but we need to make sure that everything we
bring to the table [is up to par]. Every week, up against Jerry, that’s
tough company.

And “Castle” is also a show that does well with repeat viewings. You can watch an episode several times and it’s still enjoyable.
I do the lion’s share of editing, at least in terms of sitting in the room, and I try and make sure the flow and the logic and the fun and the case-solving is all balanced. We’re not really a ripped-from-the-headlines show — although we’re doing something [in this week’s episode] to that effect — and we don’t rely on cliches or trends, I think that kind of stuff can put a shelf-life on a show. 

We continually try and reset the boundaries of “Castle” with how fun
it can be and also how much gravity we can have in an episode [without losing that fun]. The two-parter was continually a lot of fun, but it’s also
dipping into some fairly tense drama and seeing if the show can survive.

Speaking of the two-part episode, is there any chance we might see Dana Delany pop back up again?
I hear she has another pilot now. But I hope so! She was great. She did the two-parter, and she’ll be busy for the next few weeks, but we’d love to have her back.

Castle has a love interest in this week’s episode and Michael Trucco is joining the cast as someone who catches Beckett’s eye. Do you think it’s important they get involved with other characters to justify keeping Beckett and Castle apart for the time being?
Well, it just adds to the sport of chasing [each other]. And sometimes it’s true [that they’re seeing someone else] and sometimes it’s just saying it so the other one might get a little bit jealous. But I don’t think it’s required, I think it’s just fun.

Speaking of love, I did promise Tamala Jones I’d ask if Lanie and Esposito might get together romantically. Would you be willing to give that pairing a try?
Anything is possible. That’s all I can say.

Maybe next season?
Maybe next season.

Fans have definitely been campaigning for those two on Twitter. Are you aware of the fan following on Twitter?
Apparently. I don’t do that stuff. But whatever way the
fans want to interact with us and we can respond, that’s great. I’m so
busy trying to get [the episodes] done, I don’t have time for [it].

So busy that you won’t be able to direct more episodes this season?

I’m going to direct the season finale and we’ll see what happens next
year. I’d like to be back in the director’s seat a little bit more.

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