castle still nathan fillion stana katic quotes recap abc 'Castle' recap and quotes: After 'Still,' who do you think fell first?

Other than the whole bomb thing, this “Castle” episode was almost entirely about the history of Castle and Beckett in their odd, entertaining relationship. That works well in “Still” — after all, what better way to have a clip show than to watch a life flash before someone’s eyes?

By the end of the episode, we may not know for sure which of the two fell first. But we do know they’ve fallen now.

Watch where you step …

While checking out the apartment of a suspected bomber (who has already killed a few people), Beckett (Stana Katic) accidentally steps on a pressure bomb. She’s stuck. Fortunately (?) for her, she has Castle (Nathan Fillion) sticking close by her side throughout the explosive ordeal.

How do they pass the time? With banter, of course. This is “Castle.” Banter is always the first choice. In this particular episode, the banter turns to the question of which person fell first for the other.

Through the liberal use of clips from all five seasons of “Castle,” we get to see the Caskett relationship develop from its early love-hate to its current love. It’s really quite entertaining, even if we have seen all of this before.

Especially fun is the segment of clips showing Castle and Beckett talking at the same time. It’s like the show made an episode dedicated to all those YouTube video-makers out there!


Naturally, a near-death experience like this has to teach the characters a few lessons about themselves and about life.

Beckett gets to find out exactly how devoted (and insane) Castle is when she can’t get him to leave the bomb-laden apartment. Even when the bomb squad clears the building and even when Beckett tells Castle that he **has to leave, the man comes back.

With coffee.

It’s a good thing that he does too. Together, Castle and Beckett figure out that the code to defuse the bomb is the name of the killer’s previously unknown son. At the last second (literally), the bomb is defused and happiness can carry the day.

Outside of the near-explosive building, we get a different sort of revelation: Captain Gates has known about their relationship for ages now. She just wanted plausible deniability in case she was questioned about it.

With love and honesty in the air, what else can the two lovers do but kiss and affirm to each other that this is just the beginning.

We’re only a couple of episodes away from the Season 5 finale, so they had just better remember this when it comes time for a cliffhanger!

What’s a near-death experience without lots of entertaining quotes?

“All procrastinations welcome.” — Castle on writing

“You’re powerless to resist me. You always have been.” — Castle
“Really? Remember when we first met? I thought you were kind of an a*s” — Beckett

“Did you see the hearts? It took me like six minutes.” — Castle, on the coffee

“So what’s the plan?” — Esposito
“Sir, please tell me there’s a plan.” — Ryan

“You know, just the old Indiana Jones-bag-of-sand-golden-idol trick …” — Castle
“Remember how that turned out?” — Beckett

“No. I am essential personnel.” — Castle

“Who’s going to be your bomb buddy?” — Castle

“I did have feelings for you when we first met. I couldn’t stand you!” — Beckett

“I was momentarily distracted by your dizzying array of hairstyles over the years.” — Castle

“Javi, what are you gonna do?” — Ryan, on the questioning of a suspect
“That’s up to him.” — Esposito

“Castle, listen to me … ” — Beckett
“I’m not leaving.” — Castle

“No one ever said anything to me.” — Beckett, on other people noticing the connection between her and Castle

“Don’t say it was research, because no one believed that.” — Beckett, on why Castle followed her around

“Seriously? Who liked who first?” — Esposito
“That’s right. Who was into who first, me or Castle?” — Beckett
“You do realize I’m working, trying to save your life.” — Esposito
“I think they’re starting to crack.” — Esposito
“Totally losing it.” — Ryan

“We will get you out of this.” — Castle

“We’ve been in bad situations before.” — Beckett

“The story always matters. That’s what makes us a great team.” — Castle

“It’s time to say goodbye.” — Beckett
“I’m not leaving.” — Castle

“There’s no regrets. All in all, I think we’ve had a great run.” — Beckett

“Rick, I love you.” — Beckett
“I love you too.” — Castle

“Castle, what are you doing here. You promised!” — Beckett
“Yes, but I promised to leave. I didn’t promise not to come back. Got coffee. Later, for when you’re off that thing.” — Castle

“Thank you for staying with me.” — Beckett
“Always.” — Castle

“Oh, for heaven’s sake, detective. Just kiss the man!” — Gates

“All that time I was standing up there, I was thinking about all the times we’ve kissed and I was trying to decide on the best one.” — Beckett
“And what did you come up with?” — Castle
“I think we’re just getting started.” — Beckett

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