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Stana-Katic-Nathan-Fillion-Castle.jpgOn April 2, Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) tweeted from @ThadMcCotter: “Poor #Castle & Kate … sad times. Dylan time …”

He then added a link to the following mournful Bob Dylan song as a reference to the frustrated not-lovers from ABC’s Monday-night mystery hit “Castle”: mystery novelist Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and NYPD Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).

Ever alert, the staffers here at HCTV (a k a me and my trusty assistant, the battery-operated hamster Badger) noted the congressman’s TV reference.

Knowing him to be a regular on FNC’s latenight pop-culture/politics roundtable “RedEye W/Greg Gutfeld,” a musician and a former GOP 2012 presidential contender — click here and here for coverage of both,  the first for the Thaddeus-McCotter-RedEye.jpgLos Angeles Times’ Top of the Ticket blog and the second for HCTV — we decided to investigate.

After confirming the congressman’s “Castle”-fan status on Twitter, we asked him to share a bit via email regarding his love for the show and his thoughts on a few other TV topics.

For those unfamiliar with Rep. McCotter, “RedEye” fans and those who have seen him play with his bipartisan congressional rock band, The Second Amendments, know him for his dry wit, erudition and mad guitar skills.

Apparently he’s also got a thing for lovely brunettes (we’re not sure if Mrs. McCotter is aware of this, but she will be now).

And here we go …

Q: I’ve seen on Twitter that you’re a fan of ABC’s
“Castle.” What appeals to you about the show?

Stana Katic.

Oh, the show also has the dude who
plays Castle; Kate and Castle’s witty verbal jousting that exquisitely enhances
the romantic subtext’s tension; the exceptional stable of writers and ensemble
of talented actors executing their craft; and solving murders and stuff.

Did I mention Stana Katic?

Q: Do you think there will be forward motion in the
Castle/Kate romance before the end of the season or will they just tease us
along until next year?

Life imitates art: Like the characters themselves, the show is
fearful of Kate and Castle precipitately taking “the next step” and losing
something – namely, its audience. Further,
absent significant forward motion in their (non-) romance leading to a timely
new conflict for
Thaddeus-McCotter-Guitar.jpgprospective resolution, it would be harder to fashion a
fitting season ending “cliffhanger” should Kate and Castle finally, shall we
say, come to grips with each other.

Q: Are there other primetime dramas that catch your fancy?

The House.

Q: How about comedies?

The Senate.

Q: What would you consider to be your guilty pleasures on

I’m ashamed to concede my TV vice
is DC NewsChannel 8’s “View from the Capitol” with host Katherine Amenta and
some snarky cat.

Q: If, one day, you were approached to do a TV reality
show, what would be your ideal format?

I’m already in a TV unreality show
airing on CSPAN.

Q: As a conservative, do you think
there’s any way that folks of your mindset can do more to promote their ideals
and philosophies through the entertainment industry?

The first step is admitting the
entertainment industry exists.  The
second step is accepting the late Andrew Breitbart’s dictum that “politics is
downstream from culture.” The third step
is to NOT pollute art with political proselytizing, because it is contrary to
philosophical conservatism’s recognition and embrace of the truth that true art
provides universal insights into our frail, flawed, finite human condition’s
enduring misery, mercies and majesty. 

Q: Whether or not they’re intended to do so, what shows out
there do you think most often embody what you consider to be conservative

Any show that keeps faith with
true art and doesn’t try to be political (see above).

Q: If you could program your perfect night of television,
what would it be?


Q: Name your Top 5 all-time favorite TV shows and what you
love best about them.

Soul Train: The Music.

The Scene (local Detroit show): The Music.

The Midnight Special:
The Music.

American Bandstand:
The Music.

Charlie’s Angels: The

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