castle adam baldwin 'Castle' reunites 'Firefly' costars Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin in 'Headhunters'Serenity flies again! “Castle,” the current home of Capt. Mal Reynolds — a.k.a. actor Nathan Fillion, a.k.a. crime writer Richard Castle — pulled the ultimate casting move when it brought in Fillion’s “Firefly” costar Adam Baldwin — a.k.a. Jayne Cobb — to guest star in an episode.

You guys, Jayne and Mal are back together!

Obviously, the “Castle” gang loves to hint at Fillion’s old show every now and then, but this was just one long love letter to the adversarial bromance between the two men. (All of Jayne’s relationships are adversarial. Does he actually like people?)

Baldwin’s character was a burly tough guy who doesn’t play by the rules. Sound familiar? The guy plays slightly unhinged so well that you know he’s either crazy in real life or the most normal, even-tempered human ever. We’re betting on the latter. Actors who play scary people are usually really nice in reality.

Because Castle and Beckett are still kind of on the outs, the writer teamed up with the badass Det. Slaughter (Baldwin) to work on a case. But since Beckett cares about Castle and didn’t want him working with a guy who plays it so fast and loose, she followed the case and ended up saving the day in the end.

No, Beckett and Castle haven’t confessed their feelings for one another, but perhaps we’re on the road to a reconciliation and/or romance in the near future.

What did you think of Baldwin’s performance? It was fun to see the old pals team up again, but in terms of “Castle” episodes go, we’re hoping for a little more advancement in the Castle-Beckett relationship, stat.

Posted by:Jean Bentley