castle seamus dever 'Castle': Seamus Dever talks Kevin & Jenny wedding, Castle & Beckett romanceOn Monday, Jan. 9, Seamus Dever will marry his wife. Again.

Dever, who plays Det. Kevin Ryan on ABC‘s “Castle,” is walking down the aisle on TV with his real-life wife, Juliana Dever, who plays his fiance, Jenny, on the series. Yes, it’s all very confusing.

“Full disclosure, my wife plays my fiance, and now she’ll be playing my wife,” Dever tells Zap2it. “At one point my wife played my girlfriend, and then she played my fiance, and now she’s playing my wife. So it’s a nice progression. Now my wife plays my wife on the show.”

Zap2it caught up with Dever, who spilled details on both his real-life and TV weddings, as well as his thoughts on a Castle-Beckett romance.

What’s Ryan up to before his big day?
Kevin and Jenny decide to go on a cleanse before the big day, which is a lot of fun because we get to throw a lot of stones at Ryan. He’s drinking this Master Cleanse, like, green liquid the entire episode, presumably for some sort of purity’s sake.

Esposito is eating a lot of donuts around Kevin Ryan in that time. Esposito is doing his best to sort of poke at him until he pops. That happens, actually. There was a scene that they wrote where Ryan sort of loses it on Esposito and I hope it makes the final cut, because it’s one of those things that you’re like “No, this is ridiculous. I don’t do that, do I? I do? I do. Really. Okay. We’re wrestling over a donut? Oh my god.” It was a lot of fun to shoot. Jon Huertas, who plays my partner, is really good at physical comedy, and so whenever you get to do some of those things it’s always a lot of fun because we get to explore that side of our characters.

A lot of stuff happens in the episode. They find some information where Jenny is sort of involved in the murder that we’re trying to solve, and that information could jeopardize Ryan’s decision-making about going down the aisle.

How was it marrying your own wife again?

It was great. I got to see my wife dressed up again. Our real wedding was outside. It was really do-it-yourself — I did it at my parents’ house in central California. It was beautiful, it was rustic and everything. But this was, like, inside a church, and Julie was wearing a wedding gown that was thousands and thousands of dollars. I’m wearing this really nice suit that costs thousands and thousands of dollars. What I’m basically saying is that the budget was a lot more than our real wedding.

We took some pictures afterwards in the church, so it made me feel like I actually got married in a church. You know, it was really nice because we’re all friends on “Castle” and Julie and I hang out with Nathan [Fillion] and Stana [Katic] and Jon on a regular basis. I was with Jon last night. So it’s nice to have Julie come onto the show because it’s just like hanging in real life. We have a lot of fun when she’s there.

Have you seen Kevin and Jenny’s fake wedding site?

Yeah — do you like that? That was totally my wife’s idea. Those are all our pictures. It’s not one of those things like we shot those all in a day. Some of them are actually from our honeymoon. We put that together with ABC’s blessing, with the promo department. Everyone wanted us to put up, like, a wedding registry, but we were like “No, we can’t take advantage of this monetarily. As nice as that would be — we could use some more pots and pans!” You get to see what sort of phenomenon “Castle” is worldwide because there’s greetings from all around the world, like, Uzbekistan, wishing us, you know, “Good luck, Kevin and Jenny!”

Let’s talk more about the Esposito and Ryan bromance.

Jon and I got to know each other pretty well, and realized that we like hanging around each other, and that I think is where everything grows. When you’re relaxed around people as an actor, it’s probably the best possible fate you can have. When you’re having a good time, interesting things come out. You’re at your most creative, I think, when you’re relaxed. So there’s a lot of funny stuff that comes out just by us hanging out and being cool around each other and being receptive to impulses.

Jon and I are very close. We bicker and we fight like two old married people, but that’s what partners do. At the very beginning we were talking about how cops are a lot like married people. They hang out in cars all day long or sit at desks next to each other all day long. You spend more time with your partner than you do with your significant other.

Finally, let’s talk about a Castle and Beckett romance. Is it happening?

I think it’s coming to a point — and this is not me speaking with any authority — but I’m speculating — and this is nothing I’ve read — that something will happen this season. I’m speculating that. I think Andrew Marlowe, our series creator, would probably agree. Something’s gotta happen this season. All the variables and things are getting pushed out of the way.

It’s funny, I just read the next episode, episode 15, yesterday. Jennifer Beals is coming on as a guest star, and it comes out that she was [Castle’s] muse for another character that he wrote in the Derek Storm novels. I was like “Ah, that’s a nice new wrinkle, where she realizes that she’s not the only muse that Castle’s ever had.” It’s sort of an interesting thing and we’ll see what happens and gets revealed of their relationship is because of that. Something’s gotta happen, though! I’ve always been in the category of saying let them get together, and let us all make fun of them and deal with them as partners as well as romantic partners, but let’s all jump that fence together. Everybody at the same time. And we’ll deal with it there.

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