castle beckett together 'Castle' Season 4 finale: Castle and Beckett finally get together   Andrew Marlowe dishes on the hookupIt’s happened, folks — after four long seasons of “will they or won’t they” sexual tension, Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Det. Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) finally acted on their urges and wound up in bed together during the “Castle” Season 4 finale. While legions of Caskett ‘shippers perfect their victory dances, creator Andrew Marlowe opens up to Zap2it about the couple’s long journey together.

“It’s really a nicely passionate scene,” Marlowe says of the moment Castle and Becket finally get together. “It’s a scene of recognition on both
their parts, recognizing the journey that they’ve been through. We end
almost on that note, with a promise to the audience that let’s see what
happens when they wake up the next day and what this relationship looks

No, he won’t skip over the good part of the relationship, where Castle and Beckett are learning how to function as a couple. “I think that with a relationship like this and these two
characters, how hard earned the relationship is, a lot of people
are going to want to see how it goes and what the two of them look
like in a relationship, and we think it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Although some fans might’ve gotten frustrated after Castle revealed his love for Beckett and they still didn’t get together, Marlowe says he hopes they’ll look back on the season as a whole and realize the writers were heading toward this ending the entire time.

“Yeah, it was absolutely the plan, from actually two thirds of the way
through Season 3 when when we knew we were going to end it with
Montgomery getting shot and killed and Beckett getting shot, and the
revelation of Castle’s ‘I love you.’ We had that long before we ended the
season,” he explains. “I knew that we could sustain about a season
once the ‘I love you’ was out there, so it was always to have arrived at
this place. And you know, I think the fans that have been frustrated by
what we’ve done this year will look back at the year differently once
they know that our two guys got together. Just because it was always the
plan from the beginning.”

But while it’s great that Caskett is finally actually a thing, things didn’t turn out so happily for one of “Castle’s” other fan-favorite pairings. Ryan and Esposito end the year with betrayal, which Marlowe says was another outcome they’ve planned for a while.

“We planted the seeds but not heavily,” he says. “The two of them are kind of a
reflection of Castle and Beckett, having a little bit of that bicker
banter back and forth. We can’t work with Nathan and Stana all
day every day, so it was important for us when we had scenes when they weren’t in it we were still
maintaining the tone and integrity of the storytelling of the show, that
we still had that sort of witty rapport and banter going back and
forth between them.”

Ryan and Espo have always been buds, so tearing their partnership apart is a big change. “I think that we’re pushing them into new
territory as well, and part of my hope is that in growing the characters
we can give more interest and longevity to the show. We’re not
going to be taking the same characters through the same journey over and
over again — we’re actually going to put them into new and interesting
places, and in doing that we’re actually able to recommit ourselves to
the fundamental values of the show, the fun of the show.”

Whether you’re happy with the Season 4 finale or not, be glad Marlowe didn’t go with the first draft. “They break up and we end the series and I move to the south of France. Oh, that was the other version,” he jokes.

Posted by:Jean Bentley