castle beckett kill shot 'Castle' Season 4 gets an extra episodeLove “Castle”? Well, you’ll have a chance to love it even more now that ABC has ordered an extra episode to cap off Season 4.

That means we’ll get a hearty 23 episodes this season, which is lower compared to the 24 episodes of both Seasons 2 and 3, but still more than the standard 22-episode TV season.
“Castle” is currently on a holiday hiatus after its tension-filled “Cuffed” episode, during which the will-they-or-won’t-they pair of dashing crime writer Castle and sexy lady detective/muse Beckett were handcuffed together in a warehouse. Their sexual tension has been building for years now, but we’re hoping they’ll actually get together this season. They have to, right?
Star Stana Katic recently told Zap2it that she hopes it’ll happen soon. “The two of them are trying to protect each other in the interest of a relationship,” Katic says. “If they could just be honest with one another, they would probably solve this issue and be able to be together — which is what they both want.”
“Castle” will return in the new year with new episodes.
Posted by:Jean Bentley