castle 618 recap way of the ninja nathan fillion abc 'Castle' Season 6, episode 18: Geishas and ninjas and yakuza, oh my!

“Castle” Season 6 has ninjas!

Despite the skepticism of the NYPD and Kate Beckett, ninja attacks are a major part of Monday’s (March 17) episode, “The Way of the Ninja.” A Japanese ballet dancer’s murder sets in motion a series of events that includes geishas, yakuza and the aforementioned ninjas.

It’s kind of awesome.

Never anger a ninja

The victim of the week, a young woman named Jade Yamata, is killed while walking alone through a dark and misty loading dock. A dagger thrown through her heart — with enough precision to bring on instant death — is the cause of death.

Also, walking through abandoned alleys near warehouses at night is probably a contributing factor. That really isn’t recommended.

Since Jade is a ballet student and is wearing a fancy dress, there’s no explanation for any of this immediately. An elevator-opening key leads Castle and Beckett to an abandoned cookie factory — but all they find are more questions when a hidden room reveals a shrine and a dagger that might be the murder weapon.

Oh, and Castle also finds a ninja.

Later, a tip from Jade’s rich boyfriend leads the detective to a classmate, Lee Tong. The kid had a crush on Jade, but dropped that idea when she started skipping rehearsals and calling a mysterious tea-import company.

Single Castle would have gone back to the hostess bar, wouldn’t he?

The tea company isn’t a tea company, of course. It’s instead a secret hostess bar, filled with beautiful women who are the modern-day equivalent of the geisha type — these hostesses ply men with drinks and entertain them in the name of making a lot of money.

Castle is quite impressed by the place, even if he doesn’t really want to make out with the hostess who has information for him. He does it, though — justice must be served!

It turns out that Jade had been almost stalking a yakuza-affiliated man called Mr. Saito. She had gotten in trouble recently when caught going through Saito’s things at a private party as well. Unfortunately, Castle doesn’t get any additional information before Esposito’s badge and Ryan’s atrocious karaoke get the guys thrown out with nothing more to show than a $6,000 bill for the fun.

And a cronut shall find the truth

Thanks to some cronut catering, the detectives track down Saito, but he is less than helpful. They are able to tie him to the yakuza, but the trail briefly goes cold afterward.

Further clues come from the life of Jade herself. First of all, the detectives realize that an official from the Japanese consulate was actually a fake — and her information that Jade’s parents had been informed was even more false. Jade doesn’t actually have parents. She doesn’t even have a birth certificate — before age 10, Jade Yamata didn’t seem to exist.

The explanation for this ties back to the yakuza — Jade was actually the youngest daughter of a family killed by a yakuza enforcer called the Green Dragon. She was hidden away for safety. But it seems that the past has finally caught up to the girl.

As for that fake official? That would be Jade’s sister, Saya. She had also survived the fire, only to become a cop and a martial arts expert.

It’s looking more and more likely that Saito is the killer — a bloody dagger in his home makes it even more certain.


But is Saito being framed? Just before he’s shot to death, it looks that way. But then one of the ninjas in the case shows up, kills Saito and tries to kill Castle and Beckett. Only a second ninja stops that from happening.

Who is the Good Ninja? That would be a vengeful Saya. As for the Bad Ninja — the fabled Green Dragon — he turns out to be an American, Randall Bedford. Bedford had worked as a contractor in Japan at the time, taking yakuza money for the projects. He was also a ninja.

These days, Bedford is wealthy — then Jade found him through the man’s son, who she started dating. The secret ninja killed the girl to keep the truth hidden.

Nope, nothing boring here

Although Beckett is worried about becoming dull after marriage — like an old friend she has to meet for dinner — that’s not too likely. Her fiance has a throwing star lodged in his smartphone, after all!

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