castle 619 greater good penny johnson jerald abc 'Castle' Season 6, episode 19: Penny Johnson Jerald's Captain Gates welcomes her sister in 'The Greater Good'

“Castle” Season 6 is finally giving fans a closer look at the personal life of Captain Victoria Gates (Penny Johnson Jerald). In episode 19, “The Greater Good,” Gates’ sister, Elizabeth Weston (Salli Richardson-Whitfield, “Eureka”), enters the picture as a US Attorney involved with a murder case.

Things are not particularly good between the sisters. Zap2it talked to Johnson Jerald about the episode and what it means for Gates.

Zap2it: What can you share about ‘The Greater Good’?
Johnson Jerald: I can tell you that it is an exciting episode. I can tell you that you will enjoy the cast, the guest stars, and you’re definitely going to support and love Salli Richardson, who is playing my sister. She’s a wonderful choice.

Is this an episode in which Gates’ personal life is exposed, or will she mostly just be working the case?
This particular episode, you’re going to get to see both. You’re going to see her involvement in the case. But you’re also going to see her involvement with her sister, having not seen her sister or been estranged from her sister for some time. You’ll see that that comes to a head, and you’ll see that it comes either to a place of resolve where either you’ll never see that sister again, or you’ll look forward to seeing that sister again.

How does Gates react to her sister’s arrival?
I can also tell you that anytime someone comes into the precinct, and they are borrowing my detectives or going over my head or stepping on my jurisdiction, it’s always some tension — it doesn’t even matter that it’s a sister. I don’t think Gates wants anyone coming in and taking over her house!

Why do ‘Castle’ fans know so little about Gates’ personal life prior to this episode?
In any position like that, being the captain, you have to be the ear for those who are under you. You have to be the ear for their problems so they don’t mix it up. You have to be careful that you don’t bring anything from home that will affect your job at the precinct. But I can also tell you, she may have difficulty juggling that in this particular episode. Because that’s something that’s very real — when that home comes directly into your workplace, you have to address it in some way, whether it’s that you nip it and that’s it or to explain it. One or the other or maybe both will happen on Monday night.

How has the relationship between Gates and the others changed since her arrival on the show?
Time has been the turning point for Gates. I think when you spend enough time around someone in a workplace, have to see that person every day, you start to see that person not just as Person Number 1 and Person Number 2, you start learning not just their names but their kids’ names. Their personal lives. You have some stories. So unless you are some evil person who couldn’t care less about anyone, not an ounce of feeling inside, you will warm up in some way. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to let them fool around or not get their jobs done. But you will have a different relationship, a different rapport.

In your dreams, what would you like to see for Gates in the future?
I would love to see her from beginning to end work on a case with the team, with the foursome — and have them see why she is the captain. Because you always see why Beckett is the lead detective. I think it would be most impressive to have an episode where you really get to see through their lens, through their eyes, “Whoa, OK. I thought I knew something. But she really knows! And that’s why she’s the captain and I’m not.” And to not just see that because she’s “Sir” or she’s “Iron Gates,” but because you have firsthand knowledge of it with her.

“The Greater Good” episode of “Castle” airs Monday, March 24 at 10 p.m. on ABC.

Posted by:Laurel Brown