castle season 6 beckett answer proposal nathan fillion abc 'Castle' Season 6 preview: Will Beckett say yes or no? Even Nathan Fillion has no answer

“Castle” Season 5 ended on a major cliffhanger: Rick Castle asked Kate Beckett to marry him, just as she was about to take a new job in a new city.

Naturally, the audience didn’t get an answer. TV shows never answer proposals in the season finales. Those are saved for the next season’s premiere or possibly Fall sweeps. But does anybody know what Beckett (Stana Katic) is going to answer?

The answer is, sadly, probably not. The writers of “Castle” may know, but even Nathan Fillion, the actor behind Rick Castle, doesn’t know if it’s going to be “yes,” “no” or “maybe.”

That is because the producers of “Castle” decided not to shoot a follow-up scene in which Beckett responds to Castle’s somewhat surprising question. “We did not shoot the answer,” Fillion said in a recent interview with TVLine. “We did that last day of shooting on a Thursday. Friday, I came in and did some looping … and then left town immediately [to] work in Canada. I have no idea, not a one. I’ve not had one email, not one discussion, not a phone call about where things are going, what’s going to happen.”

While this is definitely a disappointing response on the issue, at least fans can take heart that there will be some sort of closure to the Season 5 finale. After all, “Castle” Season 6 wouldn’t work without both of the show’s leads in on the action.

Posted by:Laurel Brown