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“Castle” Season 6 may be heading into its final episodes, but there is still more to come. Like, you know, a wedding between Castle and Beckett! Is it going to happen? Will these two crazy kids tie the knot before taking a break for summer?

Spoilers for upcoming episodes may give some hints.

The final three episodes of the season

While not much is known about the exact plots that will bring Season 6 to a close, there are at least rumors of their titles. Episode 21 is “Law & Boarder” and episode 22 is “Veritas.” The finale, episode 23, does not have a confirmed title, but rumors indicate that it’s called “For Better or For Worse” (according to TVLine).

Guest characters in that final episode may include the leader of a motorcycle gang, a former leader of the mob, a stripper and some sort of “officiant.”

Is this it? Will they get married? Or will the vengeful gods of television strike out against this happiness, delaying it for at least half a season?

Another Richard Castle book

We rarely see Castle write on the TV show — what with all the crime-solving and all — but his books still appear in reality with surprising frequency. The latest such book is one of those Derrick Storm novels, “Wild Storm.”

Set to be released in May, the Huffington Post says the plot involves Storm trying to stop a plane from crashing — while he is on it and investigating the crime.

The cover for that thriller is below.

castle wild storm cover abc 'Castle' Season 6 spoilers: A new novel and a wedding for the finale?“Castle” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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