castle stana katic beckett proposal response season 6 premiere abc 'Castle' Season 6: Stana Katic knows Beckett's answer to the proposal

This is a long summer for “Castle” fans. With many weeks still to go before the show reveals Beckett’s answer to Castle’s Season 5 finale proposal, anticipation is only growing. Will she say yes or will she say no in the Season 6 premiere?

At least one person knows the answer: Actress Stana Katic has revealed that she knows exactly what her character is going to say.

Not that Katic is willing to share that information with anyone else. But she did tease a little bit of the mystery during a recent interview with

“I know the answer, and I’m not telling you,” Katic said, adding, “I think that her answer is the perfect one for the character and for the show.”

What could that possibly mean? Who knows? Unfortunately, the rest of Katic’s comments on the issue, while an interesting entrance into the mind of Detective Kate Beckett, don’t make the answer any clearer. As Katic explained, Beckett “has worked really hard to get to this point in her career, and there is a part of me that feels like she shouldn’t have to give up success in her professional life to keep her relationship happy, and vice versa. In real life, woman balance family, relationships, and careers all the time. Why should Beckett be any different?”

This does not, however, mean that all future relationship possibilities between Beckett and Castle (Nathan Fillion) are doomed. “It’s New York City and D.C. It’s not that far,” Katic said. “It also helps that he is a millionaire and a writer, which he can do anywhere. So how rough is that? He can afford to hire a private plane or two on her days off.”

So there is hope — just no solid answers.

Posted by:Laurel Brown