castle season finale beckett gina 320 'Castle' season finale: Oh Rick Castle, you fool[Spoiler alert: If you haven’t yet seen the season finale of “Castle,” turn around and go watch it. After that, come back here so we can discuss what went down during the hour.]

Rick Castle, you are one silly, impatient man.

Listen, we get it. After two seasons of chasing Beckett around the playground, she got a new boyfriend and it wounded you. And that’s totally cool.

We even understand your need to take a break from the working relationship the two of you have formed. We just wish you had paid a little attention to her reaction when you broke the news, because it clearly shook her. 

That, coupled with the fact that her friends pretty much told her she was going to lose you if she didn’t come to grips with her feelings, led her to break it off with the new b/f. 
So that was progress. 

Too bad you were oblivious to it. And your poker buddies didn’t help matters by telling you she was a distraction. 

But had you been observing her — you know, the reason you initially claimed to be hanging around the NYPD — you would have seen that Beckett wasn’t cool with your impending exit and, when she pulled you aside at your going away party, she had something pretty important to tell you.

Perfect timing for you to blurt out that whole deal about rekindling your relationship with your publisher/ex-wife.

Seriously, dude?

Two years of work and for what?

Okay, we’re going to shut up now and let the audience weigh in. 

What do you guys think? 

Are you glad Beckett didn’t get a chance to tell express her feelings? 

Or do you wish she had spoken up?

Let’s discuss in the comments…

Posted by:Marisa Roffman