Thanks to a storyline involving a bomb scare — deemed too similar to the Boston Marathon bombings — “Castle” rescheduled Monday’s (April 22) planned episode and replaced it with a later Season 5 entry. Thus, we get “The Squab and the Quail.”

This does appear to be an episode that some might find disturbing — especially those people who self-identify as Castle/Beckett shippers. That’s because trouble is coming for Caskett, trouble in the form of a hot guy that Beckett must protect.

Granted, the clip released by ABC in advance of the episode shows that it’s not just Beckett (Stana Katic) that’s the problem here. Castle (Nathan Fillion) is also causing some trouble in the relationship. It seems that our favorite crime-fighting novelist is having a hard time tearing himself away from some online gaming in order to pay attention to his hot girlfriend.

It must be some game.

Meanwhile, there is still a murder to solve. It seems that a rich fellow dropped dead while eating in a restaurant.

The clip doesn’t give us any real explanation about what happened, but it does introduce us to another man who may just be in trouble, Erik Vaughn (guest star Ioan Gruffudd).

Castle’s relationship mistake might, by itself, work out, but Beckett soon gets distracted by Vaughn. The endangered man wants the murder detective to double as his bodyguard. He may want something more as well …

He really, really likes Beckett.

Does Vaughn represent real competition for Castle? Is the relationship doomed to fail so soon after it began? “The Squab and the Quail,” airing Monday, April 22 at 10pm on ABC, holds the answers. The replaced, bomb-themed episode, “Still,” will air at a later date.

Posted by:Laurel Brown