nathan fillion stana katic castle 320 'Castle': What just happened between Castle and Beckett?Warning: If you haven’t yet seen this week’s (March 22) episode of “Castle,” go watch it. Right now. Then come back and read this.

A lot of important things went down in “Tick, Tick, Tick” which you should see for yourself before we discuss.

Yeah, Beckett’s apartment blew up with her inside. That’s kind of huge, but let’s be honest, she’s the female lead … They’re not killing her off anytime soon.

So let’s get to the real mystery at hand: Um, Castle and Beckett spent the night together. But what exactly happened? 

At a Paley Center event honoring “Castle” this past week, we previewed the episode and those scenes got quite the reaction from fans.

And at first, we figured the show was simply playing up the chemistry of its leads, but when Korbi TV chatted with executive producer Rob Bowman, he was suspiciously coy about what transpired between the two behind those closed doors.

Read on …

Obviously fans are going to speculate about what happened between Castle and Beckett when he spent the night at her apartment. Can you definitively say they didn’t have sex?

Rob Bowman: No. I’m not going to say anything.

So there is a chance that something could be revealed about that night at a later point?

RB: I think [fans] should watch it and decide it for themselves.

The will-they-won’t-they relationship between Beckett and Castle is a big part of the show. Are you keeping your eye on some of the other similar relationships on TV to get a feel for how fans are reacting when couples get together?

RB: I don’t have time to watch other television [shows]. I have no idea. I hope whatever they’re doing works for them. I have no interest in them actually doing anything.

To clarify, you have no interest in Castle and Beckett doing anything?

RB: Well, only because the chase is so fun. I can say that if anything happens, it would happen and they would both absolutely deny it. Well, he might spin it a little bit, but she would just say nothing ever happened. And we would leave it to the audience [to decide] if something did happen.

So, yes, apparently that is what just went down on screen.

Call us skeptical, we’re still thinking it was simply a tease … though it’s entirely possible that Castle and Beckett did, in fact, cross a line.

Posted by:Marisa Roffman