nathan fillion castle firefly 'Castle's' Nathan Fillion: The perfect man?Nathan Fillion, star of “Castle” and the short-lived cult classic “Firefly,” is a perfect man.

And if you’re not a resident of Obviousville, we have the proof: A Vitruvian-style poster with the actor’s handsome visage superimposed on Leonardo da Vinci’s famous sketch.

The original drawing depicts a nude man whose outstretched arms and legs represent the ideal human proportion within a geometrical framework. In a cheeky homage to the actor’s “Firefly” character, the gun-toting Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Fillion’s nether regions are carefully disguised by his pistol holder.

You can buy the 18-by-24 inch poster ($14.95) and corresponding T-shirt ($19.95) at qmxonline for a limited time. Both will be sold at Comic-Con 2012, where “Firefly” is making its debut to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary.

Posted by:dmoorhouse