Woody-harrelson "Cheers" bartender Woody Harrelson apparently doesn't like to go where everyone knows his name.

Is that why he went ape on a paparazzi at La Guardia Airport last night?

Click here to watch the TMZ video of the alleged attack and see if he was in his rights  — or just plain hoot owl crazy — to do what he did.

The photog asks Woody questions. The actor shoves the camera  and it goes off. Seconds later the video is back, but then the screen goes black again, and — kind of like that horrifying bear attack on that guy who lived with the bears in the wild  — you can still hear horrible sounds of cameras being smashed and a loud scuffle.

A TMZ cameraman shot the action with his flip cam.

N.Y. Port Authority police are investigating the latest incident. And we're waiting on word from Woody's peeps.

Boy, the paps have it tough. Last year Brad Pitt and Angelina

Jolie's security forces in France cornered some sneaky paps on their chateau grounds and

violence ensued.

Kanye West was recent charged with two felonies in alleged attacks of pappers at LAX.

And a few days ago, two paparazzi

were allegedly fired on by security guards at Gisele Bundchen and Tom

Brady's wedding in Costa Rica.

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Photo: Woody Harrelson. Credit: FilmMagic

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead