les moonves gi 320 CBS' Les Moonves on Charlie Sheen: 'I don't know what's going to happen'CBS president and CEO Les Moonves doesn’t know how the Charlie Sheen“Two and a Half Men” situation will play out. But he does have a joke about it at the ready.

Moonves spoke Tuesday (March 1) at a media and technology conference in San Francisco, and he noted that Sheen has been “on the air quite a bit” in the past week (though only in rerun form on CBS, since “Men” has stopped production).

“I wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy,” Moonves quipped, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Moonves also said that shutting down “Men” for the season “saves us quite a bit of money” in the short term. The show costs a reported $4 million per episode to produce, with just under half of that (a reported $1.8 million) going to Sheen’s salary.

“I’m not saying long-term I want this to go on,” Moonves said, but he added that he’s not sure how the impasse between Sheen, “Men” creators Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn, the network and producer Warner Bros. TV will end: “Going down the road … I don’t know what’s going to happen. I hope it’s back. We’ll see.”

Posted by:Rick Porter