william-shatner-s##!-my-dad-says-320.jpgIn addition to being the first-ever sitcom based on a Twitter feed, CBS’ new series “$#*! My Dad Says” is also the first network show we can think of whose full title can’t be said on network primetime.

The series is based on Justin Halpern‘s million-plus-follower Twitter account, which chronicles the many salty and hilarious utterances of his father. The show stars William Shatner as the titular dad, a “forthright and opinionated” man who is not shy about sharing his opinions, sensibilities be damned. “Will & Grace” creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick are executive producing.

Now, about the title: The dollar sign, number sign, asterisk and exclamation point are the official, CBS-approved way of rendering the S-word in the title, CBS Entertainment president Nina Tassler told reporters Wednesday morning (May 19). That led to the following rather amusing exchange:

Question: How will you say it on air? Thursdays at 8:30, watch …
Tassler: “Bleep.” He’ll say the word “bleep” audibly, the actual word. “Bleep.”
Question: That’s what the promo announcer will say?
Tassler: Yes — “Bleep My Dad Says.”
Question: It’s not going to be a bleep audio effect?
Tassler: No. It’ll be “bleep.” B-L-E-E-P, bleep.

“$#*! My Dad Says” is airing at 8:30 p.m. on Thursdays in the fall, and despite the title and the frequently profane source material, Tassler says the show will pass muster with network standards and practices. “You can be very funny and outrageous and still be in the 8 o’clock hour,” she says.

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credit: CBS

Posted by:Rick Porter