rob schneider gi vertical CBS schedules 'Undercover Boss,' 'Rob!' for JanuaryCBS won’t mess with its schedule much at midseason, introducing only two shows — a new comedy starring Rob Schneider and returning reality series “Undercover Boss” — in January.

That’s decidedly fewer changes than NBC has made to its midseason schedule, but then CBS has far fewer holes to plug.

The Schneider comedy is called “�Rob!,” and it continues the recent CBS comedy tradition of innovatively punctuated titles (see also last season’s “S#*! My Dad Says”). Why the Spanish punctuation? Because it’s about a guy (Schneider, who also co-created the show) who marries into a Mexican-American family.

(And in case you’re wondering why we aren’t using the Spanish punctuation in the headline, it’s because special characters come out garbled in our feeds.)

“�Rob!” will premiere at 8:30 p.m. ET Thursday, Jan. 12, in the spot now occupied by “Rules of Engagement.” “Rules” will return later in the season, although (as reported by Deadline) its order has been trimmed from 18 episodes to 13.

“Undercover Boss,” meanwhile, will be back on Sundays starting Jan. 15, albeit at an earlier time — 8 p.m. ET instead of the 9 p.m. spot it occupied last season. It will fill the gap between seasons of “The Amazing Race,” which will also be back in the spring.

CBS also has a drama about rookie cops called “The 2-2” on its roster but hasn’t given it a place on the schedule yet.

Posted by:Rick Porter