scorpion comic con panel CBS' 'Scorpion' cast and EPs at Comic Con 2014: Meet the real genius behind the show The cast and creators of “Scorpion” revealed quite a bit about the new CBS hacker drama at the 2014 Comic-Con panel on Thursday (July 24).

After showing the pilot in full, the cast and showrunners took to the stage to discuss what’s coming up this season. But first, it was time to meet the real-life genius behind the show, Walter O’Brien, who the character of Walter is based on.

“Walter O’Brien has a 197 IQ and has saved the world several times over, things he can’t even tell us about,” executive producer Nick Santora says.

O’Brien opened up about growing up as a genius, and revealed that he runs a company that helps geniuses. He hopes that by watching the show they’ll recognize others like them and contact him. He claims that with his company, he’s caught terrorists, stopped wars and much more.

“I’m left brain dominant, so anxiety and nervousness don’t affect me. Most emotions don’t,” O’Brien says. “I think the show will raise a better awareness and understanding about why these kids are the way they are. They’ll probably only find about two people in life that they can truly empathize with. It’s a lonely road.”

So what’s coming up this season on “Scorpion?”


Katherine McPhee is excited for fans to get to see her in some big action scenes as Paige. 

“I’m playing a character that’s so different from who I played on ‘Smash’ with all the action elements we have on the show,” McPhee says. “When I read the script, I thought it was so different and fun for me to try. It’s also a more mature character than I’ve ever played before.”


Even with all the action, Santora promises the show is really about the characters and their emotional and personal struggles. 

“The show’s about the characters, at the end of the day,” Santora says. “There will be an adventure, problem, conundrum that the characters have to face each week. But this is a character-driven show.”

A relationship?

Will there be some sparks flying between single-mom Paige and genius Walter as she helps him connect with humanity? Maybe.

“That’s going to be a complicated relationship,” Roberto Orci says. “You rely on someone like that and then resent that you have to rely on someone like that.”

Posted by:Sydney Bucksbaum