andie macdowell slams girls gi 'Cedar Cove's' Andie MacDowell slams 'Girls' as 'too immature'

Andie MacDowell is not counting “Girls” as one of her favorite shows. The “Cedar Cove” star dishes why she won’t be watching Season 2 during a new interview.

“I just watched the whole first season of Girls with my daughters. I probably won’t watch the second season — it was too immature for me — but it was interesting,” she tells Ad Week. “I’m going to sound like an ancient person, but I was rather shocked at what they can show on TV now.”

But there is one HBO series MacDowell is obsessed with: “The Newsroom.” She says she’s not much of a TV person, but that show has managed to captivate her.

“The other day, I watched ‘The Newsroom’ for the first time after a friend recommended it. That was really good,” MacDowell explains. “I’m so disappointed in the news nowadays — I watch CNN, but they talk about the same things over and over. I wish there was a news channel that really told you what was going on in the world, not just sensationalized news.”

“Cedar Cove” has been renewed for a second season.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz