ashton kutcher smiling Celeb earthquake tweets: Adam Lambert, Ashton Kutcher and moreOn Sunday April 5 at 3:40 p.m. PST, an earthquake — initially classified as a 6.9-magnitude and upgraded to a 7.2 — hit Baja California, Mexico. Two hundred miles away, Los Angelenos felt the rolling quake for over a minute.

Naturally, everyone’s first instinct was to tweet about it — including some of our favorite celebrities. Below, check out what the famous folks had to say about our Easter earthquake.

There were, of course, the expected exclamations:

@adamlambert: Earthquake!!!

@JamieKennedy: EARTHQUAKE!!!

@DENISE_RICHARDS: earthquake!! ….

Other celebs went into slightly more detail:

@ParisHilton: OMG! So scary, just felt an Earth Quake! Anyone else feel it? I hope there isn’t anymore.

]]>dannymasterson: 56th floor in vegas was swayin! Earthquake in mexico @davenavarro6767: People seeing Clash of the Titans right now are saying, “Wow! This is so realistic! You can actually FEEL the earth move! Great Movie!” @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher): I’m just glad I wasn’t playing jenga an hour ago. Sure enough it would have been my turn. @tonyhawk: 6.9 in Baja. Made waves in my pool. “Gonna sink with California…” And, our favorite… @rainnwilson: Couldn’t tell if that was an earthquake or if Matt Damon was angry.

Zap2it readers: Did you feel the quake? What was your reaction?
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