30 rock 100th episode cartoon Celebrate 100 episodes of '30 Rock' with 'Jack Donaghy, Executive Superhero'

April 21 marks the 100th episode of “30 Rock,” appropriately titled “100th episode,” and in honor of the occasion, NBC has turned Alec Baldwin into an exceptionally chiseled cartoon superhero.

We would have never pegged Jack Donaghy as a fro-yo fan, but as this short (the first of three) shows, the executive superhero is reveals he likes to spend Friday afternoons listening to Vince Lombardi speeches and eating frozen yogurt.

If NBC evening news anchor Brian Williams doesn’t get in his way first!

Williams makes a vocal cameo, proving once again that the only thing he does better than reading headlines is parodying himself in the halls of “TGS.”

Watch, enjoy and remember that the big 1-0-0 for “30 Rock” runs a full hour at 10 p.m. ET.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell