A gorgeous model mom and a talented musican dad? Genius! How could such a perfect celebrity genetics experiment not be a success, right? I mean, look at Patti Hansen and Keith Richards and their hot-hot-super-hot spawn.

Now look at how much Alexa Ray Joel looks like her… How she inherited her supermodel mom’s …  gosh, she actually doesn’t have any of Christie Brinkley’s fabulous features.  And she may not have inherited her Piano Man father Billy Joel’s singing talent either.  Click here. Then you decide. Sad, huh?

Photo credit: Alexa and her mom, Christie Brinkley, attend the Hampton Social charity event held this weekend at the Ross School in New York. Billy Joel performed. It’s hoped that ongoing gene research will determine where this celebrity breeding plan went wrong.
T Alves/WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead