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The Dish Rag has heard that some celebrities are going hog wild at a Golden Globes swag suite this weekend. 
Along with the designer styles, shades and shoes, lotions, potions and hair goop that celebrities are gifted in swag suites, this year at the GBK Productions Gifting Lounge at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset, stars are being offered baby pigs. Or rather certificates for baby pigs
And they even have an adorable, live tiny pig at the suite for stars to play with.  
But not everyone is amused. 
The Best Friends Animal Society calls the giveaway “a disturbing trivialization of intelligent, social pets. And worse, the celebrity-driven ‘teacup pig craze’ is based on a myth,” says Yvonne McIntosh, an animal care manager at the society’s Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, says in a news release.

]]>“I am horrified that anyone would think it is a good idea or even okay in any way to give away piglets, especially at such a highly publicized event,” McIntosh continues. “For decades people have bought ‘miniature’ pigs and then dumped them once they grew bigger than the promised, mythical 40 pounds. The resurgence of descriptive names such as ‘Teacup’, ‘Extreme’, and ‘Micro-mini’ is simply part of a marketing scheme to get people’s money in return for a pig that will never stay as small as promised.”

In fact, only two to five percent of potbellied pigs remain as family pets. The rest wind up in shelters, sanctuaries or suffer a worse fate. “The pigs suffer and end up being dumped and euthanized in our ‘disposable’ society,” McIntosh said.
Paris Hilton and Rupert Grint have their own pet pigs. We’ll see who ends up with a little piggy after this weekend’s merch gluttony.
But the only pig we know who had a good long life with his original owner was Max, George Clooney’s pet pig. He (Max, not George) eventually reached 200 pounds and had to live outside in his own special luxury pen and playground.
Not everyone is (rich and kind) like George. Many would have sent their big pigs off to live a farm.
What do you think about the current little pig craze? Do you want a pet pig? 
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