celebrity swatting spencer pratt heidi montag rob kardashian jamie lynn spears gi Celebrities not worth swatting: Spencer Pratt, Rob Kardashian, Jamie Lynn Spears and more C listers

Sure, it’s a “big deal” when celebrities like Selena Gomez or Justin Timberlake get swatted. But would anyone care if these celebrity swatters lowered their targeting expectations and went for some C-list folks? After all, sooner or later, we’re going to run out of A-listers for the police to come and save.

Thus, we present our list of celebrities not worth swatting, chosen at random and via a cursory look at unpopular TMZ articles.

Note: We do not condone swatting of any kind, nor do we mean to imply that the police should ignore calls — real or fake — to come and save these celebrities. So don’t get mad.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag: Speidi was once the most hated couple in Hollywood. Now… Let’s just say their last big thing was a “Big Brother” appearance. In England. It’s not worth it anymore.

Andy Dick: Sorry, “Dancing with the Stars” is not enough of a comeback to deserve celebrity-level harassment.

Howie Mandel: What would the call be? “Help! Someone has released a germ in Howie Mandel’s clean room!”

Camilla Belle: No matter how many famous guys she dates, Camilla Belle just isn’t any more interesting than any other B/C-list actress.

Michele Salahi: Considering this is a person whose reputation was made by trespassing, swatting would be redundant.

Rob Kardashian: No one has ever cared much about the boy Kardashian. Swatting is not the time to start.

Donny and Marie Osmond: It’s hard enough remembering this sibling musical act is a thing without having to try to care that they’ve been swatted.

Piers Morgan: Wouldn’t swatting the host just invite more of that annoying and un-entertaining gun debate stuff?

Jamie Lynn Spears: If you must swat, at least pick the more famous sibling.

Wesley Snipes: The poor guy just got out of prison! You wouldn’t have to swat him — just call a parole officer.

Dennis Rodman: He’s a big enough name to get attention, but don’t forget that this guy has friends in North Korea. They have missiles and stuff.

Carson Daly: Since we barely remember he has a late night talk show, we’re definitely not going to care about a prank.

Jeff Dunham: Seriously, we’re still trying to figure out why someone would make a death threat against a ventriloquist. Swatting would be beyond comprehension.

Anyone whose biggest claim to fame in recent memory is: “Splash,” being a member of a ’80s or ’90s boy band and not being Justin Timberlake, “Survivor,” “The Bachelor,” being someone’s baby mama, “The Real World,” “Big Brother,” etc.

Posted by:Laurel Brown