It seems as if Lisa Rinna and NeNe Leakes aren’t the only members of the women’s team who walked away with a bad impression of Star Jones on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” La Toya Jackson appeared on Wednesday’s (March 30) episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and confirmed Star is an equal-opportunity offender.
“I think everybody has a hard time with Star,” La Toya tells Ellen.
Although La Toya didn’t want to say anything unkind, Ellen sort of badgered her until she answered the question, “Is she tough or is she mean?”
“OK, she’s mean,” the Jackson answers. “And I mean mean.”

Once Ellen got La Toya started, it wasn’t hard to keep the ball rolling. “I always say if I had lost that much weight,” she says. “I would be so happy and pleased with myself.”
“Whenever someone’s mean, I always get very analytical and I always say it’s something inside that hurting them,” La Toya continues. “It starts at home and it starts when you’re a child. Something is hurting her to make her react that way to everyone. And that’s just her. She can’t help it. And I just want to say, ‘Can’t you put a smile on your face sometimes?'”

Watch the interview below:

Do you think La Toya’s on to something?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog