celebrity apprentice jose canseco father nbc 'Celebrity Apprentice': After Jose Canseco's sudden departure

On Sunday’s (April 3) “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Jose Canseco left abruptly from the competition in the middle of the night. Before leaving, he met with Donald Trump on-camera to explain that he had received news that his father’s health (later, a cast mate said he was suffering from cancer) had taken a turn for the worse.
On Sunday, Canseco tweeted, “My father passed away shortly after I left the show. Thanks for everyone’s condolences.”
He later added, “My father was the greatest man I ever [knew].”
Trump decided to give $25,000 to his charity, B.A.T. (Baseball Assistance Team), which assists minor league baseball players who don’t receive pension, dental, or medical care.

The day after Canseco left, his team decided to honor his father with one of the decorated baseball caps from that episode’s art challenge. But, teammate, reality star Richard Hatch, showed some skepticism saying Canseco may have felt he couldn’t raise very much money and used his father’s illness as an excuse to leave.
Well, we believe you have your answer, Mr. Hatch.

Posted by:Jethro Nededog