At the end of last Sunday’s (May 6) episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” Donald Trump left viewers questioning who would follow Lisa Lampanelli out of the boardroom as the next fired contestant. And we got our surprising answer within the first 10 minutes of the May 13 episode when Aubrey O’Day hears Trump’s famous parting words, “You’re fired.”

“You are transparent, but I just think you’re going to have a fantastic career,” Trump says to Aubrey just before firing her.

“Transparent isn’t the word. There’s nothing see-through about me,” Aubrey tells the camera following her elimination.

Many viewers thought that previews showing Trump turned in the direction of Clay Aiken when announcing the firee meant the “American Idol” runner-up would be going home (editing will get you every time), while other folks thought it would be an all-ginger finale with Clay and Aubrey going head-to-head. But Trump has made his choice for an all-male final two with Clay facing off with Arsenio Hall.

Both Clay and Arsenio were super-complimentary of Aubrey, though, during a conference call last week — perhaps since they already knew she was out of the competition.

“Aubrey is freakishly intelligent — she probably is one of the smartest people on the show,” Clay says during the call. “A lot of people, especially me, felt threatened by her. We knew from the very beginning that she was the one we had to beat.”

And beat her they did.  

Who do you think will win $250,000 for his charity as the new “Celebrity Apprentice” on the May 20 finale — Clay or Arsenio?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper