teresa2 giudice celebrity apprentice nbc 'Celebrity Apprentice': Aubrey O'Day walks, Debbie Gibson, Dee Snider firedSunday’s (April 1) epic three-hour episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” saw two tasks, one team switch, two celebrities fired and one quit. Debbie Gibson was robbed as the celebrity from the first task to hear Donald Trump’s famous parting words after Teresa Giudice chose to bring her and Dayana Mendoza to the boardroom, while Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider got his possibly undeserved walking papers when losing project manager Lou Ferrigno brought him and Dayana — once again — into the boardroom after the second task.

And from the looks of things, Trump is never going to fire Dayana, possibly because the Miss Universe Organization — she’s the 2008 winner — is a partnership between Trump and NBC.

The most shocking turn of events came after Arsenio Hall’s win as project manager for Team Unanimous when the rest of the team went back to the war room, while Aubrey O’Day headed for the elevator with her accompanying voiceover, “I don’t want to be around all the negativity anymore … the environment is so ugly. I just don’t know if this is the right place for me.”

For the first task, the teams were assigned to create and sell a limited edition “My New York” celebrity guidebook, with Regis Philbin judging the teams’ books. Dee stepped up as project manager for the men’s team, while Teresa quickly volunteered as project manager for the women.

The women split up for taking photos of sites around the city for the book with Aubrey, Teresa and Dayana in one group and Lisa Lampanelli and Debbie in the other.

“It was like two blondes trying to be nuclear physicists,” Aubrey said about Dayana and Teresa’s photography.

Meanwhile, the men’s team was focused on bringing in the donations rather than the quality of their book, per project manager Dee’s direction.  And it paid off — former teammate Michael Andretti even popped by with a $20,000 donation, though son Marco Andretti apparently came through with a $7,000 donation for Dayana on the women’s team. In the end, even though the women won Regis’ pick as best guidebook, Penn Jillette had to leave his team for a gig and Arsenio Hall lost out on a major donation from Jay Leno because of a delivery snafu, the men win with the most money — by a mere $14.

Teresa brings back Debbie and Dayana to the boardroom — though, Trump says she should have brought back Aubrey, who raised the least money — and Debbie is fired for bringing in the least money among the three of them.

For the second task, Trump switched up the teams, since the women’s team — Forte — has lost five of seven tasks. He moved Aubrey and Teresa to Unanimous and Lou, Dee and Penn to Forte — much to Arsenio’s chagrin. The teams were tasked with designing the packaging and a presentation for the “Walk with Walgreens” campaign, which encourages people to walk for 30 minutes a day. Arsenio and Aubrey locked horns and never quite untangled — even after the team’s win — leading to Aubrey’s exit, while Dee and Dayana — again — got brought back into the boardroom by losing project manager Lou Ferrigno.

Trump once again criticized the choice of teammates brought into the boardroom — saying Penn should have been brought back for saying Walmart during the presentation rather than Walgreens — and ultimately fired Dee for having a hand in the failed packaging (apparently words like “scratching” and “itching” aren’t words that Walgreens wants associated with its campaign).

Do you think Trump fired the right people? Do you think Aubrey will return?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper