dayana mendoza celebrity apprentice fired nbc 'Celebrity Apprentice': Dayana Mendoza not surprised by Lisa Lampanelli's outbursts“I’m the happiest girl in the world today,” former Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza tells Zap2it — probably not what viewers might expect to hear the day after Dayana watched herself be fired by Donald Trump on Sunday’s (April 30) episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”

But it’s indicative of the Venezuelan beauty’s affable nature on the show this season, a personality trait that’s come in handy after finding herself in the final boardroom six times before getting fired her seventh go-round.

Dayana was the project manager for her team — consisting of herself, Clay Aiken and Lisa Lampanelli — during Sunday’s Good Sam jingle task, which they lost. Lisa penned the lyrics to the ’60s-style jingle, and Clay provided the vocals, leaving little for Dayana to do aside from signage and advising her teammates — something Clay and Lisa did not take kindly to. Both eventually lashed out at Dayana during the task and in the boardroom, but it’s not the first time Lisa has lost it with Dayana.
“I wasn’t very surprised at the way that she behaved toward me,” Dayana says of Lisa’s outbursts, which included calling Dayana a “b—-” and an “a–hole.” “So volatile and disrespectful … I am surprised that an adult woman could accomplish so much in life without knowing how to carry herself.”

Trump surmised on “Live! with Kelly” Monday (April 30) morning that Lisa just didn’t like Dayana, so little could be done to change that.

“I think Dayana’s very smart, and I think she handled Lisa very well,” Trump says.

Dayana’s accent and grasp of English were an issue brought up by Lisa and others on the show. But Dayana notes that she’s only been in the United States for four years and doesn’t feel like it’s been a hindrance. And as for her comment during the jingle task that she wanted the song to be “more yellow” or “more pink,” which drew laughs and puzzled looks from her teammates, she has an explanation for that.

“My English is not perfect … All I meant is that I wanted it to be more happy. I wanted it to be more bright,” Dayana says.

Do you think Dayana deserved to be fired? Was Lisa out of line with her outbursts?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper