george takei interview celebrity apprentice nbc 'Celebrity Apprentice': George Takei says Clay Aiken is 'backbiting,' 'catty'George Takei was feeling candid Monday (March 5) morning after watching himself get fired by Donald Trump in Sunday’s episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” and seeing what his teammate Clay Aiken had to say about him during the show.

The “American Idol” runner-up memorably called the “Star Trek” actor and gay rights advocate “slower” during the window-dressing challenge, insinuating to Eric Trump that Takei wasn’t a good project manager.

“I pegged him immediately as the catty one, despite that molasses sweet accent,” Takei said in a phone interview from New York on Monday, adding that Aiken, who in the boardroom proclaimed to have great respect for Takei, was “backbiting” and “sniping.”

“He is determined to win, and he will do it with little snide snipes,” Takei said.

Takei adds that the task of creating two Lord & Taylor window displays for Ivanka Trump’s clothing and accessories collection might not have been a fair fight (as I surmised in my recap) against the women.

“On the women’s team, we have people that have fashion as part of their career,” he says. “None of us on the men’s team had any exposure to that world at all. … I maintain that we had the more elegant window. Our window was 5th Avenue, their window … which had everything but the kitchen sink in it … was 34th Street.”

He does believe that the addition of the trench coat — Arsenio Hall’s styling choice — may have been a mistake for the evening looks.

“Maybe we should have had three gowns or three cocktail dresses,” he says.

Takei, 74, adds that fatigue may have had a role in the loss as well.

“I’ve always fancied myself as being decades younger than who I am, but the discovery I made on the show is I do tend to be overly optimistic about my energy reserve,” he says.

So who does he think should win “The Celebrity Apprentice”?

Penn [Jillette] is the one. Arsenio is a smart savvy guy, and he would be a good candidate as well. And I love Lisa [Lampanelli].”

And while he didn’t win the task, Takei does hope to win Trump over in another way — by bringing Trump over to his side in the marriage equality debate. Trump, who has previously spoken out against gay marriage, has agreed to a meeting, which Takei says they’ll be setting up on his next trip to the city.

“I think he is a decent man and a fair-minded man, and I think I could talk to him on this issue of marriage equality,” Takei says. “What I would like to do is listen to his concerns — what is it that restrains him from supporting marriage equality? … I’d like to think that when I explain it that Mr. Trump will understand marriage is defined by two people who love each other, commit to each other and will care for each other through thick and thin.”

Posted by:Jennifer Harper