who-was-fired-on-the-celebrity-apprentice-aubrey-oday-lisa-lampanelli-the-celebrity-apprentice-nbc.jpgComedian Lisa Lampanelli and “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice both got the axe on “The Celebrity Apprentice” Sunday (May 6), leaving Arsenio Hall, Clay Aiken and Lisa’s right-hand girl, Aubrey O’Day, to battle it out for the final two spots. And Lisa, for one, says she was expecting to be fired.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, I saw it coming,” Lisa tells Zap2it. “The relief I think showed in my face. … I can go home, take off my Spanx and let it all hang out.”

Known for abrasive comedic roasts of celebrities like Donald Trump, Lisa showed a surprisingly sensitive side on “Celebrity Apprentice.” But as previously eliminated contestant Penn Jillette pointed out, comedians can actually be a pretty delicate lot. And it proved to be the nail in the coffin for Lisa, as past “Celebrity Apprentice” winner John Rich and runner-up Marlee Matlin suggested Lisa be fired because of her inability to control her emotions.

“When I hit 50, I said, ‘Whatever I do from now forward, I’m going to show who I really am,'” Lisa says. “Jimmy [Cannizzaro], my poor husband, knows I cry at the drop of a hat.”

Lisa cried a handful of times on the show, mostly out of frustration with teammate Dayana Mendoza, with whom Lisa says she doubts she’ll be friends. As for her newfound pal and unlikely “Celebrity Apprentice” sidekick Aubrey, Lisa says the two of them are “the oddest couple of the show.”

“I thought, ‘What is this b—- gonna be like?'” Lisa says of Aubrey. “But the smarts always wins me over. I don’t care what else you got as long as you got brains. … It was an odd couple but a good couple.”

Are you surprised that Lisa went home? Do you think Aubrey will be in the final two?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper