lisa lampanelli celebrity apprentice nbc 'Celebrity Apprentice': Lisa Lampanelli turns on Victoria GottiOn Sunday (Feb. 19) night’s premiere of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” notoriously caustic comedian Lisa Lampanelli was pretty subdued. Early on she said that it didn’t matter to her whether or not Victoria Gotti even showed up for challenges, the Mafia princess was going to get “an A” as far as Lampanelli was concerned.

Sure, she changed her tune by the time it came time to nominate people for possible fireingafter the women’s team lost their first task. But Lampanelli managed to make a strong case for why Gotti didn’t exactly give 100 percent and wisely kept her mouth shut except when spoken to. Even The Donald commented on how nice she was.

Looks like that’s going to change.

“Victoria Gotti is lazier than Paris Hilton’s left eye,” Lampanelli tells Huffington Post TV. “Watch ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ to see the proof. It’s caught on tape.”

For her part, Gotti says that Lampanelli is the terror who “breaks down and starts screaming at everybody” when another contestant expresses confusion.

“It was bad,” Gotti says. “I’m telling you, I would have rather taken eight Star Jones than one Lisa Lampanelli. I think everyone on that show would agree with me. She wanted this at all costs and let everyone know it.”

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