dayana mendoza success celebrity apprentice nbc 'Celebrity Apprentice': Penn Jillette doesn't smell like SuccessSunday’s (April 22) episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” is all about the smell of Success by Trump, taskmaster Donald Trump’s new fragrance. Otherwise, it’s business as usual: more drama between Aubrey O’Day and Arsenio Hall, Aubrey being accused of being self-centered and bossy and adamantly refuting it, Dayana Mendoza being brought back into the boardroom for potential firing and Trump defending her to the bitter end. Penn Jillette is ultimately the one to hear Trump’s famous parting words, “You’re fired,” for coming up with his team’s fragrance slogan: “You deserve it.” But did he deserve to be fired for it?

Aubrey volunteers to be project manager of her three-person team, leading Arsenio and Teresa Giudice to victory in the end — a win for which Aubrey feels ultimately responsible, telling everyone she single-handedly came up with a fantastic slogan — “Trust your instincts” (after which Arsenio found a similar quote from Trump on the internet) — and the creative for the display, which the executives ultimately didn’t care for.

“I’ve really been a mini-Trump,” Aubrey says, “I was the one that came up with everything.”

But taking credit for everything may not have been the wisest move had Unanimous lost. Luckily for her, they didn’t.

Despite using a picture of Trump’s golden girl Dayana in the display, project manager Clay Aiken’s team loses the task thanks to what the executives deemed a pompous slogan, which Penn came up with and which lands him a spot next to Clay and Dayana in the boardroom. Clay gives Lisa Lampanelli a pass because he thinks she will be a strong team member moving forward, but Trump later reminds Clay that choosing someone to fire isn’t about moving forward — it’s about the performance on this task. And why is everyone so concerned with who would be best moving forward, since the end result is one winning Celebrity Apprentice?

“I’d love to fire Dayana. You know why?” Trump says to Clay. “She’s been here six times. But I’m not so sure she should be here.”

In the end, after some difficulty, Trump fires Penn — but was it his time to go?

Next week: Lisa and Dayana butt heads again, Lisa cries again, and it looks like Dayana ends up in the boardroom with the possibility of being fired again.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper