Sunday’s (March 11) episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” is a real doozy — and as you can see in the above preview, Donald Trump fires two people in this episode. But what you don’t see is his reasoning behind the double elimination, which involves a first for the show. And having seen the ep, I feel like at least one of the two firings is unfounded.

The teams are tasked with producing a live presentation and Q-and-A for the new Buick Verano. And there’s descension on both the men’s and women’s teams this time when the men’s choice of project manager is questioned by everyone and some of the women’s team members feel like they’re not being included.

Bonus: We get to see Juicy Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice’s husband, and three of her darling daughters, who participate in the challenge. And we get to hear Debbie Gibson (sorry, Deborah) sing “Only in My Dreams.” Woo!

Who do you think is going home?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper