celebrity apprentice star jones responds to nene leakes attacks 'Celebrity Apprentice': Star Jones says NeNe Leakes perpetuates the 'bombastic black woman' stereotype

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s” NeNe Leakes has definitely gone on record when it comes to her dislike for “Celebrity Apprentice” cast mate, Star Jones. And now the former “View” host is giving the housewife a piece of her mind.
“I had hoped we could avoid falling into the typical ‘snake charmer in your face loud bombastic black woman’ stereotypical box that was expected,” Jones tells bvbuzz.com. “Some of us were more successful at our quest than others. I knew I wanted to approach the game intelligently, professionally and strategically, while keeping in mind my true purpose for being there – winning money for my charity.”
Jones goes on to say that Leakes attacked and intimidated the other black women on the show, which included LaToya Jackson and singer Dionne Warwick, with her “aggressive approach.” 
“It isn’t an approach that works in the professional environment,” Jones says. “And it isn’t an approach that most sisters use in interacting with each other. I would hope, as she becomes more exposed to a variety of professional situations, she will tone down the vitriolic emotional reactions and learn to express herself in manner that is more reflective of the majority of black women in America.”
Well, we’re sure NeNe will be getting back to you, Miss Jones.
Posted by:Jethro Nededog