With NBC’s “The Celebrity Apprentice” nearing its May 20 finale, taskmaster Donald Trump is ready to narrow the playing field to the final two contestants during Sunday’s (May 6) episode. And sounding like the makings of a “MacGyver” episode, he only has a hair dryer, 2011 “Celebrity Apprentice” winner John Rich and runner-up Marlee Matlin to help him do it.

So who got their walking papers? “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice got blown away as the losing project manager during the CHI hair dryer task, and surprisingly, winning project manager Lisa Lampanelli got the boot following the most important interviews of her life with John and Marlee. As for who that third firee is … more will be revealed in the first 10 minutes of the May 13 episode.

For now, let’s get to The Aubrey O’Day Show — or rather the task to create an ad for the new CHI Touch Digital Touchscreen Hair Dryer. Teresa and Lisa square off as opposing project managers. And even though Lisa and Clay Aiken seem to be at a disadvantage numbers-wise (Teresa has Arsenio Hall and Aubrey) and when it comes to subject matter (Lisa admits to being clueless about fashion and, as she says, “Clay is the only gay guy in the world that doesn’t know anything about fashion”), they still pull out a win.

And here’s why: Aubrey comes up with the creative and the slogan, she models for the shoot — in place of the redheaded model Teresa so passionately fought for with Lisa — and she owns the presentation. Arsenio, though admittedly in a more quiet fashion, also steps up on this challenge when it comes to the photography and the presentation itself. Teresa seems really nervous during the presentation and a little out of sorts during the task as a whole, but as she says, she “wanted to prove to people that she’s just not a housewife.” (We’re thinking she meant “not just a housewife,” but you get the idea.) And that was most likely accomplished but not worthy of moving on in the show. So alas, Teresa is fired.

“That’s what the ‘Real Housewives’ have seen all along. You just sit there, you give her rope, she hangs herself,” Lisa says while watching the boardroom scene play out.

Afterward, Arsenio seems to be feeling bad that Teresa left — though probably not as bad as when she was throwing him under the bus and saying he should be fired.

“She’s a nice lady,” Arsenio says.

“You gotta watch that g–d— show of hers,” Lisa quips.

But the final four don’t have long to revel as they are quickly called back to the boardroom by Trump, who tells them they’re about to be interviewed by John and Marlee, who will help him determine two more people to fire.

Ultimately, Lisa is fired next for her major weakness, which Trump, John and Marlee think is her inability to control her emotions. As Marlee points out, “There’s no crying in the boardroom,” and though other competitors have certainly shed tears in front of Trump, it’s definitely a lasting legacy for Lisa. But the firing happens so gently and she takes it so affably that it seems Lisa almost expects it.

Did you expect her to be fired? Who do you think will be the next to go?

Posted by:Jennifer Harper