tia carrere aubrey o day nbc 'Celebrity Apprentice' Tia Carrere on Aubrey O'Day: 'If you give her enough rope, she's going to hang herself'Tia Carrere threw herself on the metaphorical sword in Donald Trump’s boardroom on Sunday’s (March 18) episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” hearing Trump’s famous last words, “You’re fired,” after a tumultuous back-and-forth between the actress/singer and pop star Aubrey O’Day, who had questioned Carrere’s project management skills during the team’s viral video task.

O’Day even went so far as to call out Carrere’s age in the boardroom. “I’m sorry if at 50-something years old … if I’m overshadowing her at 27,” O’Day said.

In an interview Monday, Carrere, who’s actually 45, had this to say about “the little red-haired girl,” “If you give her enough rope, she’s going to hang herself. I maintain my own personal dignity and integrity. I’m not going to get into that nasty cat fight. It will become apparent in time.”

While watching the boardroom scene play out on a monitor with the rest of the winning men’s team, Arsenio Hall said of O’Day, “She’s so self-righteous. No wonder Diddy fired her.”

Carrere opted not to bring anyone back with her into the boardroom — a move that got Adam Carolla and Michael Andretti fired last week — with the assurance from Trump that she would be the only one to go if she decided to take the fall. Carrere said she may not have been the one to go, though, had she selected two of her teammates.

“Had I done it in my own self-interest, it would have harmed the team,” she said, pointing out that Lisa Lampanelli was responsible for the team’s concept, a sticking point for their loss. “It wasn’t anything else other than the concept.” 

Posted by:Jennifer Harper