lou ferrigno celebrity apprentice nbc 'Celebrity Apprentice': Tia Carrere's number is upThis week’s task for “The Celebrity Apprentice” was for the teams to create a viral video for the O-Cedar ProMist Spray Mop, and simply stated, it’s impossible to set out to create a viral video. One can create a video, which becomes a viral sensation, but by definition, one cannot make a viral video from the get-go.

So the fact that neither team ended up with a “viral” video — and instead ended up with essentially traditional TV spots isn’t a huge surprise. What is surprising: 1) just how much Lou Ferrigno stepped up and performed as project manager after being put on blast by most of his teammates for the last few episodes, 2) that Donald Trump allowed Tia Carrere to throw herself on the metaphorical sword for her team and volunteer to be fired, when he fired two people on the men’s team for the same thing last week, 3) that Penn Jillette is suddenly the big, bad wolf of the men’s team after being lauded for so long, and 4) that apparently even Lisa Lampanelli has a line in the sand about what constitutes an acceptable dirty joke.

The men’s theme/phrase for the promotion — “I’m gonna mop the floor with you,” as suggested by Paul Teutul Sr. — is clever, as is having project manager/Mr. Universe Lou as the manly man in an apron mopping and dancing. However, a video of Lou just making his pecs dance instead might have had more potential to go viral. The women’s idea — “What’s your number?” — was cute but should have found its way to the cutting room floor during the brainstorming session because it had absolutely nothing to do with mopping, cleaning, dirt, etc. It would have worked much better in the context of a traditional TV ad, but even then, it would have needed more integration of the mop itself.

The O-Cedar executives ultimately picked the stronger video — the men’s — as the winner, despite it not having a viral quality — but not before Clay Aiken and Lou had the chance to let Trump know their feelings about Penn (“he’s a bull in a china closet” — er, shop). Afterward, the women continued their cat fight amongst the cliques: Aubrey O’Day, Lisa and Debbie Gibson; Dayana Mendoza, Patricia Velasquez and Tia (though, technically, Tia’s involvement in this clique is by default); and Teresa Giudice, the lone wolf.

Tia ends up shouldering the blame for the loss — rightfully so, as the project manager who approved Lisa’s double-entendre number theme and produced and directed the shoot — and shockingly, Trump allowed her to do so. Tia was fired without having to select two of her teammates to join her in the boardroom.

Do you think she would have been fired regardless? Was Trump right in allowing her to essentially fire herself without penalizing the team like he did with Adam Carolla and Michael Andretti’s double firing last week? Weigh in below and come back tomorrow to check out my interview with Tia Carrere!

Posted by:Jennifer Harper